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I will begin, not from the beginning as would be the norm, but I will begin from the time I became a new creature in Christ. I will do this for one reason and that is because When I accepted the Lord, my old life passed away and I became new.

So, I begin this in the year 1987. I had two children. Both deliveries of my children went well, but ten days after my second daughter I hemmorhaged at home. It turned out to be retained placenta because an over zealous doctor thought my placenta should come out right after the baby. So, he pulled, and pulled, and pulled. It came out. In chunks. This was a turning point in my life. I needed blood, but in retrospect, three units doesn't seem like much. But at the time it was near death for me. I saw that there are no guarantees that we will be here tomorrow.

I began attending a Bible church. I started taking my two little girls with me, trying to win over my husband with actions, not with words. I would ask if he wanted to go, then I'd go if he said no.

I vividly remember the day I sat in the back of the church when the invitation to accept Christ into my heart came. I knew I must raise my hand! I had no choice, my heart was breaking.

I didn't feel different, but I remember wondering why the Christian Bookstore wasn't open on Sunday. I wanted to buy a Bible!

I did buy a Bible and read it from cover to cover. Every waking moment I was reading it. Steve thought our marriage was over. I was becoming religious!

Then Steve began going with me. Oh the grace of God is so good. But that is Steve's story, so I will save it for him to tell.

I had always wanted a large family. Twelve was the number that always stuck in my head. Cathy was born, by c-section, three weeks past her due date. They said it was probably uterine scar tissue from the D & C after Christi was born.

Ten days after Cathy was born, we moved seven hours away. It was closer to Steve's parents, so that was a bonus.

We bought a little house and settled in. About 20 months later, David was born, also three weeks late, by c-section. We had been attending a church but were feeling the need for some meat in our lives.

Another life changer was beginning to attend a new church. It was a church that oozed the love of God. I had gone the first week by myself. Steve wasn't going to church much anymore, so I asked if I could go someplace else. When I got home that morning, Steve could see something was different. When he asked me, I told him that I had been in the presence of God. It was awesome!

He started going the next Sunday and didn't miss for a very long time. We learned there, about Spiritual growth, and loving God, and prayer, and praising Him. It was indeed a time for us to get close to God.

We had John, by planned c-section. Our doctor said it was good he was scheduled. My placenta had implanted in my uterine wall. I would have hemmorhaged trying to give birth naturally.

We decided John was the last baby.

Well, we didn't do "anything" to prevent a baby, so guess what? I'm not going to tell you yet.

We had gone to a crusade that had prayer cards to write your prayer request on. I looked over at Steve's and saw his prayer request was for me to have a natural delivery. "WHAT?" I wasn't even pregnant and HE didn't even want to have anymore children.

Two weeks later I was pregnant. We prayed and decided that we were going to have a natural delivery. And do you know what happened? I bet you can't guess? Yes, a natural delivery!

Steve had decided we weren't going to have any more children while I was pregnant with Briana. Oh how I grieved. Then I prayed. I said in my prayer, "Lord, you are Lord of my life. You are Lord of Steve's life. I will not stand in your way. It's up to you to change his heart, not me."

Once again, He lifted my faith. The very next night Steve got a phone call. He talked for a long time. When he got off the phone, he came to me, kissed me on the cheek, and whispered in my ear, "I'm not getting a vasectomy."

I thought, "WOW, God called Steve!" It wasn't God, but it was a godly man who he used to share the truth with Steve.

We moved three months after Briana was born. The hardest thing we had ever done was leave our church. They were our family!

We found a really big house on three acres and settled in. Then the news. I knew I was pregnant. I knew Steve didn't really want any more children, but what could I do? So, I told him. His reply, "Oh Shoot."

He told me he had made a bargain with God. He would surrender that area of his life over, and God would in turn not give him any more children. I still chuckle when I think of it.

Instead, God gave him something miraculous. He turned the heart of Steve, toward his children. Within two days, Steve was proclaiming how wonderful it was to be blessed with a yet unborn baby.

Erica was born naturally too. Everything went off without a hitch.

When Erica was 12 months old I wasn't feeling well. I thought I had the flu and a urinary tract infection, so I went to the doc. On the way there, I realized that I could be pregnant. So, I went to the doc for the flu and a urinary tract infection and came home with a pregnancy and a urinary tract infection. This time when I told Steve, he jumped up in the air and shouted, "hallelujah!"

You can read more about that pregnancy and birth at Bryan's Site.

People often wonder if I get to do anything FUN with all those children around. My resounding answer is YES!

One of my passions in life is writing. It is my outlet. It is my "every waking moment" thought. Well, not quite. But it is pretty close. I have written two books. The first I'm Going to be the Greatest Mom Ever!... Even if it Kills Me! is published by Loyal Publishing. Look for my next book published by Loyal in the coming months.

My second book, Ignite the Fire! is published by Noble Publishing.

Another thing I love to do is chat. If you've been to the homeschool room in crosswalk, you may have run into me, my chat handle is Firemom. I write a column for Crosswalk Home School Channel as well as the online support group leader of the homeschool channel.

In addition to my wifely, mommy, homeschooling, and writing duties, I also enjoy speaking at home school conventions as well as to home school groups and church groups.

Click here for a link to my Workshops

I also can speak on a topic that your group would like addressed. I incorporate humor, the Lord, and occasionally some tears.

If you would like to contact me about a possible speaking engagement, please send e-mail to terri@ignitethefire.com

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